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Comté AOP is THE French cheese that appeals to the whole family. Made in the Jura mountains, this raw milk cheese is a true symbol of French terroir. We love it for its simplicity, mild flavor and firm texture.

Aging is one of the secrets of the success of Comté AOP: it takes at least 6 months. The flavors obtained vary according to the ripening period. A Comté matured for 12 months is sweet and fruity, with notes of milk and hazelnut. A Comté matured for 18 months is tastier, with woody aromas and hints of dried fruit. A Comté matured for 24 months is even stronger and more intense in taste, because it contains more tyrosine crystals.

Your AOP Comté cheese can be eaten plain with bread or dried fruit, for breakfast, as an aperitif or at the end of a meal before dessert. It is also found cut into pieces in the salad. Don’t forget to remove the crust!

Comté AOP 18 months ‘Gold medal at the general agricultural competition in PARIS 2022 & 2023’

List of ingredients: raw cow’s milk, lactic ferments (milk), salt, rennet. The ingredients used are GMO-free Allergens: MILK


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