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Cantal Entre-Deux, a French cheese that is both soft and powerful on the palate to surprise your guests! This cheese made from raw cow’s milk is salted and then matured for 4 to 6 months. The particularity of Cantal Entre-Deux is that it is matured twice: for a few weeks in a cool, damp cellar, then for several months in a drier cellar.


The taste of Cantal Entre-Deux is both fruity and slightly spicy, with hints of hazelnut. Its texture is firm and supple. Its paste has a few small holes that formed during ripening. Its smell is rather light.


How to taste it? Quite simply with good fruit: apples, grapes, figs… Or even with country bread, honey and candied onions. In the kitchen, Cantal brings character to pies, salads, quiches and omelettes.


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