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If you’re looking for a soft French cheese that warms your heart and stomach, the Reblochon of SAVOIE is a great choice! It is a soft and creamy cheese, made from raw cow’s milk, with subtle hints of hazelnut and mushroom. Its texture is melting, and its slightly crunchy crust gives character to each bite.

Petit Reblochon is matured for at least 3 weeks, during which time it is turned regularly and rubbed with salt water to develop its brown rind.

Fancy a convivial and wintery dish? You can melt the Reblochon de SAVOIE on diced and oven-roasted potatoes, to enjoy with a charcuterie platter. You can also use Petit Reblochon in a savory tart or add it to a quiche to add creaminess to your dish. Enjoy your food

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