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The Abeille Diligente range of jams is an exceptional choice for all lovers of French gastronomy. These artisanal jams are made in France with the highest quality natural ingredients, and a selection of unique flavors.

For example, morello cherry jam is made from sun-ripened cherries, carefully selected for their intense flavor and sweetness. The rose jam is a floral delight reminiscent of the gardens of France, while the violet jam is a sweetness that will delight your taste buds. As for the green tomato jam, its slightly lemony and tangy taste will surprise your guests. Without forgetting the fresh and delicately sweet taste of the fig jam, a safe bet to accompany your cheeses!

Our French jams will be ideal to accompany a well-stocked cheese platter. Their soft, melting and sweet texture goes perfectly with many styles of cheese: soft and creamy, firm or runny, strong and full-bodied… You can taste these jams with a teaspoon, or spread them generously on your toasted sandwiches.

We have selected the Abeille Diligente brand for the premium quality of its local products. These artisanal jams are totally natural made with love, just like their range of honeys. Receive your selection directly at home in Dubai, and travel to France without leaving your home!

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