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A high-quality honey brand

A French honey brand that stands out for the quality of its products. The production of honey is artisanal and respectful of the environment. Bees forage in preserved areas to provide 100% natural, unheated and unpasteurized honey, which guarantees fresh flavors and nutrients.

The experience of beekeepers has enabled to develop a range of varied and surprising honeys, while maintaining a perfect balance between texture, taste and fragrance. The most classic honeys rub shoulders with more original honeys, such as maritime lavender honey, to satisfy all tastes.

Our supplier is therefore a reference in terms of honey, synonymous with quality, respect for nature and French beekeeping traditions. We have chosen their products to accompany our delicious cheeses!

The best honey and cheese combinations

Our cheeses will go perfectly with the sweet side of honey. Honey and cheese are both part of the French gastronomic heritage, and are both produced according to the rhythm of the seasons. Surprise your guests with truly delicious sweet and savory combinations.

Depending on the type of flower gathered, the honey will be more or less clear and more or less sweet. It’s a bit the same with cheese, whose taste varies depending on the pasture the goats and cows feed on. Thus, always combine mild honeys with mild cheeses, and more pronounced honeys with cheeses with character.

The sweetest honeys are acacia honey, forest honey and bramble honey. They go very well with fresh cheeses, Tomme, Comté, Beaufort, soft cheeses or even creamy and mild cheeses like Saint-Félicien.

Rosemary, linden, arbutus and callune honeys go perfectly with types of cheese with a more assertive taste: sheep, goat, mature brie, camembert, bleu d’auvergne…

How to taste honey with cheese?

You can serve your cheese platter with several jars of honey on the side, so that each guest can make their own mixtures. You can also prepare toast in advance, with your cheese and a spoonful of honey on top. Honey will also go very well with cooked cheeses, such as warm goat cheese or oven-roasted Camembert. There are many ways to treat yourself!

Make your selection of cheeses and honeys on our online store, and receive everything directly at your home in Dubai!

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