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Brie has everything to please your guests. You will love its creamy and melting aspect, and its very sweet taste with hints of hazelnut. Its smell is very subtle. This raw milk cheese, with a white and fluffy rind, comes from the south of Paris and is an integral part of French gastronomy.

This delicious cheese goes wonderfully with rustic country bread, a fresh baguette or dried fruit. For more originality, try tasting it with apple or fig jam.

Take your Brie out of the fridge one hour before tasting. You can serve it as an aperitif, starter or dessert, tasting it as it is or incorporating it into more elaborate recipes, such as quiches, puff pastries or savoury tarts.

Brie is unanimous with young and old, because of its sweetness, finesse and lightness. Do not remove the rind, it contributes to its unique taste.

Ingredient : MILK, salt, animal rennet, LACTIC ferments and ripening cultures. Allergen : MILK


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