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There are no other cheeses like Bleu de Gex! Its unique taste and melting texture appeal to lovers of mild cheeses. Indeed, despite the fact that it is marbled, its taste is light and even a little fruity. Its texture is soft and creamy.

Bleu de Gex is made from raw cow’s milk in Franche-Comté. Once curdled, the cheese is salted and pierced with several holes to allow air to pass: it is this stage that promotes the development of mould. The wheels are then refined for 2 months.

To taste an authentic Bleu de Gex cheese, we recommend fresh fruit: pears, apples, grapes… They bring a sweet touch that goes perfectly with the salty side of the cheese. Bleu de Gex is a perfect ingredient to enhance your dishes: an onion tart, a risotto or a rocket salad…

Ingredient : Raw cow’s milk, starter ferment (milk), animal rennet, penicillium roqueforti, salt Allergen : Milk Ingredients used are the no GMO


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