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Saint-Nectaire bio AOP is one of the great classics of French cheeses. Originally from the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region, this uncooked pressed cow’s milk cheese is a must. Thanks to its light taste and melting texture, it is very popular with gourmets.


Saint-Nectaire bio AOP has subtle lactic and floral notes. It is made from the milk of Salers cows, which feed on volcanic pastures. Its texture is soft, and its crust naturally thin and fluffy. It can be eaten at room temperature, accompanied by good country bread or incorporated into oven dishes.


For lovers of strong cheeses, it is recommended to choose an aged Saint-Nectaire. The older it ages, the more pronounced and powerful its taste becomes, with woody notes and fruity aromas.


Saint-Nectaire bio AOP is an exceptional product that represents the artisanal know-how of our French cheese makers. Impress all your guests with this quality cheese.


‘Gold medal at the general agricultural competition in PARIS 2023’


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