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Raclette cheese… The semi-hard cheese that warms hearts and stomachs, that brings friends and families together around a nice table, that makes our taste buds sing with happiness! There’s nothing like gathering around a raclette machine, with its melt-in-your-mouth cheese, to spend a deliciously gourmet evening.


Raclette is THE star of winter cheeses. With its protected designation of origin label, it is guaranteed to be 100% Made in JURA. The manufacture of raclette is an artisanal know-how that dates back centuries.


Raclette is a cheese with character, with a creamy and melting texture. Its frank and fruity taste varies according to the season. It is recognizable by its fine orange rind and light yellow pate. And then there is this feeling of warmth and comfort that you feel when you taste it.


There are several ways to enjoy raclette and treat yourself: fondue on potatoes, gherkins, charcuterie, grilled vegetables… Don’t forget to scrape your plate to leave no crumbs. Raclette cheese can also be put on top of your baked gratins.


You can’t go wrong by choosing the raclette, a traditional French cheese that everyone agrees on. If you are looking for a local product to impress your guests, you have found what you are looking for. So, to your raclette machines!


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