If you are looking for a very creamy cheese with a light taste, the Pave d’Affinois will convince you. The smoothness of this soft cheese made from pasteurized cow’s milk is a real treat. Its flavor is subtle, slightly sweet, with hints of hazelnut and fresh butter. Its creamy texture melts in the mouth, as if you were eating a cloud of cheese!

The secret of delicious cheese lies in its manufacturing technique: ultrafiltration. Part of the water in the milk is removed in order to concentrate the rest of the components, such as protein and fat. The cheese is then pressed in molds to give it its familiar square shape.

Enjoy your Pavé d’Affinois on a piece of toast, and even melted on potatoes, in mashed potatoes or pasta. It goes perfectly with dried fruits (walnuts, almonds, figs, dates…), but also with jams. Onion and cherry jams add a touch of sweetness that enhances the taste of this cheese.

Charcuterie: Smoked meats or dry sausages, are also good accompaniments for Pavé d’Affinois.

Ingredient : MILK, salt, lactic starters (MILK), ripening ferments, microbial coagulant enzyme. Allergen: milk



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