Mont d’Or AOP is one of the essential cheeses that everyone loves during the winter season. It is made in the Jura mountains from raw cow’s milk. In shape and texture, it strongly resembles Camembert, although the maturing technique is not the same.

It is a melting and creamy cheese, almost liquid, which is eaten mainly cooked and roasted in the oven. Its rind is thin and covered with white mold which gives it a rustic appearance. Some prefer to remove pieces of the crust, while others keep it for more flavor.

A good Mont d’Or is above all the choice of quality raw milk, which is then curdled with a ladle, then refined for several weeks. We then obtain a woody flavor, with notes of hazelnut and butter. Its taste is rather pronounced, but less than Camembert.

There are plenty of ways to eat Mont d’Or: as a raclette, plain, baked, melted on potatoes, on toast… . If you are looking for a traditional cheese to get you in the mood for the winter season, Mont d’Or will be perfect.

Ingredients : Raw cow’s milk, cheese culture (milk), salt, animal rennet Allergen : Milk Ingredients used are the no GMO




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