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Experience Authentic French Camembert in Dubai

Camembert stands as the emblem of French cheeses. Its distinctive aroma tantalizingly beckons cheese enthusiasts. Crafted from raw milk, Camembert offers a lusciously creamy texture, encased in a delicate rind. Its palate blends both sweet and profound tones, intensifying as it matures – and so does its tantalizing aroma!

Originating from the Norman town bearing its name, Camembert stands as a pillar of French culinary heritage. Opting for a premium Camembert ensures an encounter with a cheese steeped in tradition.

For a genuine Camembert experience, let it sit at room temperature an hour prior to indulging. Relish it in bite-sized portions with crusty bread, pair with dried fruits, or incorporate into savory dishes like pies or quiches. For an indulgent twist, try baking it. But truly, its authentic essence shines brightest when enjoyed plain, complemented by red wine or raw cider.

Camembert isn’t just cheese; it’s a gastronomic sensation, a tribute to France’s culinary prowess. If it’s a first for you, trust in the journey and let us deliver a slice of France directly to your doorstep.

Ingredients: MILK, salt, lactic starters (MILK), microbial coagulant enzyme. Allergen: Milk

Weight: 250g.


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